A Shogi Program for Acorn RISC OS Computers


This desribes the application !Shogi version 0.40 for the (now alas obsolescent) Acorn RISC OS family of computers. It is unfortunately unlikely to be ported to any other platform. The application may be used to control a game of shogi (see the next section below if necessary) and act as an aid to problem solving, including the computer finding checkmates. It does not include a computer play option (and now is unlikely ever to). It also includes the options to save and re-load positions and game moves and also has some tutorial features.

For further details of the application, and the game Shogi, see the !Help file in the application, which is included here as a zipped file. For a full description of the game and an introduction to its strategy and tactics see the book "Shogi for Beginners" by John Fairbairn (The Ishi Press, ISBN 4-87187-201-7).


This application is copyright 1994-1996 Christopher Dearlove. Permission is granted to redistribute the application complete and unmodified. In particular note that if supplying alternative sprites then these must be provided outside the application, which must retain the original sprite files. No modified options file should be included in the application.

Permission was previously given for the application to be included on the cover disc of the December 1996 Acorn User magazine, but I retained copyright.

The application was written in C using the author's own wimp library SWIlib, version 0.60, however currently no source code, for either the application or SWIlib, is supplied here.

The author can currently be reached at the address: christopher.dearlove@gmail.com.

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