Ramsdencon February 2004 Multimedia Quiz

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  1. The titular head of the family is Uncle Junior. The actual power lies with Carmella's husband and Meadow and A.J.'s father. What is his name?

  2. Some of his television series as writer and/or producer are Supercar, Fireball XL5, The Secret Service, Doppleganger, The Protectors, Terrahawks, Dick Spanner P.I., Space Precinct and Lavender Castle. I left out his six most famous series. What are they?

  3. It started in Las Vegas, then added Miami, and New York will be next. Which franchise?

  4. Dennis Haysbert and Martin Sheen. What is the obvious specific connection?

  5. On television it started in 1987 with The Dead of Jericho and finished in 2000 with The Remorseful Day. Which programme?

  6. Bradshaw, Jones, York and Hobbes. Which programme?

  7. Blue Remembered Hills, Blackeyes, Lipstick on your Collar, Cold Lazarus and Karaoke were television plays and series by one author which have not so far been remade as films. Name two other television plays or series by the same author which have been remade as films.

  8. Dave Charnley, Helen Cooper, Henry Davenport, Damian Day, George Dent, Gus Hedges, Joy Merryweather, Alex Pates and Sally Smedley worked for which organisation in which programme?

  9. Who was brought up to date, in which town, at the start of the second season with "Leo Johnson was shot, Jacques Reneau was strangled, the mill burned, Shelly and Pete got smoke inhalation, Catherine and Josie are missing, Nadine is in a coma from taking sleeping pills."? If it helps "Damn fine coffee!".

  10. According to the television series title, Dr. Stephen Daker, Dr. Jock McCannon, Dr. Rose Marie and Dr. Bob Buzzard worked in what at Lowlands University?


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