Ramsdencon February 2002 Multimedia Quiz

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  1. Who played Mrs. Mainwaring?

  2. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub have what job in which village?

  3. Over all the incarnations of Star Trek, which actor, playing which single character, has appeared in the greatest number of episodes. (Note that Majel Barrett as the voice of various computers does not count.)

  4. Which actor, still playing which part, has been in which British television soap opera for the longest time?

  5. Nigel Hawthorne played Sir Humphrey Appleby and Derek Fowlds played Bernard Wooley. Name the remaining main actor or the part he played and either of the two programme names.

  6. Name the oldest and newest Blue Peter presenters you can. (Counted by starting dates, except that any of the current team will count for newest.)

  7. Derek Jacobi, Siān Phillips and Brian Blessed led the cast list of this acclaimed BBC production, of which book (the first will do) by which author.

  8. Who shot J.R.?

  9. How does the original version of the parrot sketch end?

  10. Who came in between Cathy Gale and Tara King?


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