Ramsdencon February 2002 Multimedia Quiz

The quiz was run as 7 rounds of 10 questions each

Scoring was 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for a partially correct answer with no half points.

There was also a handout with 100 pictures of film actors and actresses to be identified during the quiz. Unfortunately I am unable to include it here. However the list of those pictured is given here. The picture quiz was also scored 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point for a partially correct answer. The main quiz and picture quiz were then combined, with the former score multiplied by 10, for an overall maximum score of 1600. This was probably a mistake, I should have used a multiplier of 5, scoring the pictures as two rounds, but I didn't want to bias it too much towards films.

Advice given to all teams: if you don't know the answer: guess.

To start follow the link here.

The maximum score by any team was 1220 out of 1600 (1090 plus 130 for pictures) by The Brocophiles which consisted of David Dearlove, Annie Hopkins, Meirion Hopkins and Andrew Parsons. Second place went to The Fiendish Frog which consisted of Geoff Brown, John Harrington, Gordon Sweeny and Martin Wallace. With a final score of 1200 (1050 plus 150 for pictures) they would actually have tied for the win had I scored the pictures at double value. The best picture round was 175 by The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The One Left Over (names TBC) who with 980 without pictures wouldn't have improved on their third place even with a doubled picture score.

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