Ramsdencon Quizzes

Ramsdencon was a friendly informal games - mainly board games - convention that was held about twice a year at Ramsden Hall School near Billericay in Essex, England.

Ramsdencon usually included a number of miscellaneous events. I have run three team quizzes at Ramsdencon.

Having put some work into the quizzes, which seemed to go down fairly well, I thought I might as well make it make them available to anyone else interested.

September 1999 Film Quiz.

February 2002 Multimedia Quiz.

February 2004 Multimedia Quiz.

Note the quiz dates. A few of the answers have dated since then. I've added a few comments to this effect, but those comments are currently not all up to date. Most answers are timeless however.

The quizzes are, strictly speaking, copyright Christopher Dearlove 1999, 2002, 2004. Permission is granted to do any of the usual things, but if you are going to use a substantial portion of it I think it would only be reasonable to give me a credit.

Send any feedback, whether comments, corrections (I hope not, but you never know) or whatever to:


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